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All the lounges in the New York City take the nightlife of the city to a new verge; that they provide people with the best services and packages. After tiring hours at work, lounges are the best place to sit and relax. And plus, these lounges are popular for having a vast event space. You can host a birthday party or a wedding reception at these. With the flavorful cuisines and exquisite drinks complimenting your event, these places make your day unforgettable.

Well, one of the famous lounges in the New York City is the Katra Lounge. And the Katra NY is the perfect venue for corporate events, anniversaries, alumni events or baby showers. The hospitable, welcoming and creative staff and the picturesque Moroccan and Mediterranean background and atmosphere of the Katra NY are sure to make your big event a memorable success. The lounge takes pride in giving out unparallel beauty, style, and class to your nightlife experience. Well, the Katra NY ensures that your event is full of perfection and is as unique and special as the people attending.

So, bring in your friends, colleagues and families members because this is the most remarkable spot to spend quality time with them.

Moreover, Taj lounge is one of the most beautifully decorated lounges in the New York City. The sophisticatedly decorated bi level Taj 2 Lounge NYC is the perfect location for any event. Whether you’re hosting a seated dinner for 100 or a cocktail party for 300, the Taj 2 Lounge and Restaurant presents American new cuisines and exclusive signature cocktails amid a dramatic and classy décor. Inspired from Indian culture, the Taj 2 Lounge brings a creative edge your experience at this place. With a full DJ sound system, the music played keeps you refreshed all the night. The comfortable sitting such as pillow filled couches, banquet tables, and round table traditional settings; provides you with relaxation and a feel of ease. And the lounge assists in organizing special services for the event such as providing a DJ or premium bottle packages.

So, if you’re planning to host an upcoming party, dining, an intimate cocktail party or a special private event, Taj 2 lounge is the preferred location for your next event. The lounge is waiting for you to show up at this spectacular place with your friends and family. So, let’s do it.


Some nights can be rough. But not when the party is coming back to the Hudson Terrace. Overlooking the Hudson River, the Hudson Terrace 621 w 46th s is a unique combination of an upscale lounge and a modern nightclub. It creatively unites the elements with its plush interiors, multiple superb private event rooms, garden, and climate controlled retractable roof.

Hudson terrace 621 w 46th s is located a 15-minute walk from the Times Square 42nd Street subway stop. In comparison to other clubs in the New York City, the Hudson Terrace offers you the most bangs for your buck. The bottle services and the table services of the club are beyond amazing. The club offers everything from beers, wines, liquor to specialty frozen cocktails. While being in the Hudson Terrace 621 w 46th s, you are expected to listen to top 40 hits and mashups complimented by premium liquor. In addition to music, the club provides you with full entertainment for the night.

To catch the sunset in the New York City, the outdoor rooftop lounge of the Hudson Terrace is the best place. Hudson terrace is considered as the place where people come from all over the world to watch the sunset with some champagne. So, hold your drinks tight and enjoy the best sunset and river views at this glorious place.

Well, how cool of a chick you feel when you step in the club wearing something that is trendy and upscale. And so most the tremendous clubs have specified a dress code. Therefore, Skyroom being the highest rooftop lounge has also determined a dress code for people so that it doesn’t get stressful for you when you open up your wardrobe. The Skyroom NYC dress code recommended is dress to impress. The dress code recommended by the Skyroom lets guys wear collared shirts or button downs with fitted dark denim or pants paired with stylish shoes. And ladies try not to wear flats with you cute blouses and skirts or dresses; compliment your look with high heels. The Skyroom NYC dress code does not allow people to wear ripped or torn clothing, baggy attire, flip flops, shorts, caps or hats, boots or athletic gear. The Skyroom NYC dress code has granted authority to the doorman to deny your entrance. So, follow the rules and get in.


There are a lot of nightclubs in the City of New York. The clubs are furnished, well maintained and stylish. The nightclubs of NYC give you the best clubbing vibe that is full of fun and exciting gaming. The clubs of New York City are the best partying spots and the best places to hang up with friends.

Besides a lot of stylish clubs, lounges, and bars, a sports club known as Jay z NYC club popularly known as 40/40 is a gaming bar. The club is designed on a sporting theme. The wall prints and décor give you a gaming feel. The luxuriously designed Jay z NYC club with the color theme of caramel brown and gold is a perfect place for parties. The interior and exterior of the club are well furnished and stylish. The Jay z NYC club has a box styled sitting arrangement. There are also private rooms upstairs along with billiard tables. The Jay z club offers the best bottle services. The bottle menu includes liquor, alcohol, wines, champagne, flavorful juices, beer, vodka and much more. There are huge plasma TV’s, LED’s and LCD’s fixed in the walls of jay z NYC club. Hang with your friends and experience the best sports clubbing nightlife.

Moreover, most of the clubs in the New York City charges a cover fee. Well, a cover fee is the extra additional amount added to your bill that you pay for the entertainment and service. Cover charge is charged at nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in addition to the money you paid for the food and services you received there. Well, like most of the other clubs and partying spots, The Marquee Club also charges the cover fee. Usually, the Marquee NYC cover charge is $20 and up. The Marquee NYC cover charge varies depending on the night and the DJ. It’s better if you call for the exact pricing on the day of the event. The club only accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards at the entry. The Marquee NYC cover charge is a way to make the staff feel wanted and satisfied in providing you the ambiance and amazing services. It is a simple way to cover up the other expenses like DJ and promoters. And when you receive the best services and meet the most welcoming staff, the cover charge doesn’t cost you much. So, get in and enjoy services in the most chill atmosphere.


New York City along with the five boroughs of the city has many lounges, and clubs opened. These clubs, lounges, and bars are a way important to make your night out full of excitement and fun. The thrilling clubs and partying spots have everything to make any night out full of excitement.

The city of New York has many hip hop hookah lounge NYC opened on the streets of NYC. The hip hop lounges are miraculously decorated with the most comfortable sitting area and loud music. The interior and exterior of the best hip hop hookah lounges NYC is well maintained and beautifully furnished. The comfy sofas, couches, and chairs give you a feel full of relaxation. The hip hop hookah lounges NYC and bars offer the best bottle service. The hookah lounges provide the best flavorful smoke able hookah. Puff and pass the hookah in style. The clubs offer smoke able tobacco hookah mixed with different flavors. Choose the hookah of your own choice and enjoy the night life of New York City. Along with hookah the hip hop hookah lounges of NYC also offers drinks like liquor, alcohol, whiskey, beer, wines, champagne, and cocktails. Moreover, the hookah parties become more exciting when the hip hop music is played at the lounges and clubs. The clubs and lounges usually play music like hip hop, rock, and pop.

Enjoy the best hookah parties by gathering into most stunning hip hop hookah lounges in NYC. Sip up the flavorful tobacco hookah of your own choice and enjoy the night.

Moreover the black party NYC is the best thing to do in the spring season. Well, the black party NYC is the largely attended gay party in the New York City featuring contemporary gay erotic art, culture and performers. The black party NYC display and support over city’s 5000 most daring men bringing out their wildest, skimpiest and kinkiest side and looks. Well, this party is the New York City’s one of the most long running and highly anticipated events. It is known as the biggest gay dance parties in the world. The black party NYC is known worldwide and has built its legendary reputation for cutting edge musical artistry, innovative staging, state of the art lighting, superstar international DJ, product design, world class performers and strange live acts. Well, you can dress in full fetish gear or come as who you are.


If you are looking forward to celebrating your special life moments at the most amazing venues and places, then move towards the hip hop venues NYC. The hip hop venues NYC provide you the best entertainment and joy under one roof. Come and step into the most stunning hip hop clubs in New York.

The clubs of NYC has everything to make your dream nightlife full of excitement. Many big events like Christmas celebration, Independence Day celebration, Halloween parties, masquerade parties and many other event and parties are celebrated in the hip hop venues NYC. New Year Eve is the much-awaited event that is celebrated throughout the world with love and passion. The City of New York for New Years 2018 has the special resolution for the upcoming year. The people of New York welcome the New Year with excitement.

The hip hop venues NYC make special arrangement on New York for New Year 2018. The hip hop venues of NYC are crowded with the people as the New Year came. New York for New Year 2018 has special arrangements like the firework, themed parties dance parties, décor and much more. Special brunches and drinks are served at the hip hop venues of NYC. The bottle menu includes liquor, alcohol, beers, wine, whiskey, champagne, cognac, rum, vodka, flavorful juices and much more. People may also satisfy the cravings by having a bite of delicious appetizers and starters.

The New York for New Year 2018 party becomes more exciting when the DJ plays the latest songs. The DJ’s playlist is up to the mark, and latest remixes and music albums are played at the bar. The clubs feature the most talented DJ and musicians who know who to make use of musical equipment technically. The musicians play the loud beats of music professionally.

Other than that special dance parties are organized for making New York New Year eve 2018 thrilling. Professional dancers are there to entertain the crowd. The hip hop venues of NYC feature talented dancers and singers. The dancers usually perform belly dance and strip dance. The dance steps of the people let everyone enjoy the wonderful night of New Year. Live performances and concerts of the famous singers and celebrities entertain the people.

Enjoy the clubs of New York for New Year 2018 and make your upcoming year full of excitement.


New York City is full of night clubs and lounges. The club welcomes a large number of party lovers to the clubs of NYC. These clubs are best partying spots, anyone, looking for. New York is the city that never sleeps, and the party at these clubs never stops till the sun rises.

The city of Nightlife has five famous boroughs one of the famous boroughs is Manhattan. Manhattan is also famous for its night life as well. The borough of Manhattan is popularly known as the heart of New York City. There are a lot of best nightclubs in Manhattan. The clubs of Manhattan has everything to complete your clubbing experience and gives you positive vibes. The clubs of Manhattan are always to make your boring nights into the exciting one. There is no such activity better than in clubbing at the best nightclubs in Manhattan.

There are rooftop as well as underground or basement best nightclubs in Manhattan. These clubs are the best places for hanging up with your friends. It depends on the season either to step into the rooftop clubs or to move towards underground bars. As the summer season arrives, the rooftop best nightclubs in Manhattan are crowded with young boys and girls. The crowd can enjoy the chilling atmosphere along with the best skyline views and flavorful drinks. The drinks are usually the refreshing ones like frozen cocktails, lemonade, delicious juices, beers and much more are served at the rooftop clubs of Manhattan. Similarly, when the winter season drives the clubs designed in the basement are populated with the people.

The wall prints, décor, and furniture of the best nightclubs in Manhattan are just amazing. The clubs are fully furnished along with luxuriously designed furniture. The sofas along with comfy couches let the people feel relaxed. The sound system is loud and clear, and the musical instruments are well maintained. The DJ and musicians are professional that plays the best hip hop, rock, and pop music beats. Special dance parties are also organized at the best nightclubs in Manhattan. Professional dancers are featured at the Manhattan night clubs. Belly dance and strip dance lit up the crowd and let the party goers go crazy with the beats of the music.

Gear into the most trendy and best night clubs in Manhattan and enjoy your night out.