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All the lounges in the New York City take the nightlife of the city to a new verge; that they provide people with the best services and packages. After tiring hours at work, lounges are the best place to sit and relax. And plus, these lounges are popular for having a vast event space. You can host a birthday party or a wedding reception at these. With the flavorful cuisines and exquisite drinks complimenting your event, these places make your day unforgettable.

Well, one of the famous lounges in the New York City is the Katra Lounge. And the Katra NY is the perfect venue for corporate events, anniversaries, alumni events or baby showers. The hospitable, welcoming and creative staff and the picturesque Moroccan and Mediterranean background and atmosphere of the Katra NY are sure to make your big event a memorable success. The lounge takes pride in giving out unparallel beauty, style, and class to your nightlife experience. Well, the Katra NY ensures that your event is full of perfection and is as unique and special as the people attending.

So, bring in your friends, colleagues and families members because this is the most remarkable spot to spend quality time with them.

Moreover, Taj lounge is one of the most beautifully decorated lounges in the New York City. The sophisticatedly decorated bi level Taj 2 Lounge NYC is the perfect location for any event. Whether you’re hosting a seated dinner for 100 or a cocktail party for 300, the Taj 2 Lounge and Restaurant presents American new cuisines and exclusive signature cocktails amid a dramatic and classy décor. Inspired from Indian culture, the Taj 2 Lounge brings a creative edge your experience at this place. With a full DJ sound system, the music played keeps you refreshed all the night. The comfortable sitting such as pillow filled couches, banquet tables, and round table traditional settings; provides you with relaxation and a feel of ease. And the lounge assists in organizing special services for the event such as providing a DJ or premium bottle packages.

So, if you’re planning to host an upcoming party, dining, an intimate cocktail party or a special private event, Taj 2 lounge is the preferred location for your next event. The lounge is waiting for you to show up at this spectacular place with your friends and family. So, let’s do it.

Resident Or Looking For A Getaway; Discover Club Life In Los Angeles


In general, nightclubs in Los Angeles are dynamic and give the patrons a wide range of options depending on the scene desired. This can be attributed to the fact that Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US. Due to the speed at which these clubs begin and end, the top clubs are the ones that have been in operation for many years since they have been tried and tested by the changing times. Examples include club Rage and club Dragon Fly both of which have been in business for well over twenty years. Many of Los Angeles clubs have special events and bring in guest disc jockeys. This ensures the customers get value for their money.

The city is full of exclusive hangout joints that give entertainment to people of all ages from teenagers to mature revelers. It is advisable to have an own custom built nightclub package in order to have an ultimate nightlife experience. It is also good to note that some of these clubs require different dress codes as per the occasion and day of the week. Advance booking is also recommended because not all nightclubs in the city sit walk-ins.

The menu of the day varies at different spots on different days of the week. Therefore, it is worth checking the day’s special especially for people with diet issues. There are also days when the clubs offer two meals at the price of one. Prior knowledge of such details gives one the best bargain.

Above all, good quality music is what pulls crowds to the nightclubs. For those who fancy live music, the clubs to visit are club Vodka, Spaceland and Troubadour. At Sevilla Nightclub, there is live Latin music. For the lovers of Electro, trance, house, drum and bass the place to be is at club King King. Club Exchange LA set in the stock exchange building has the hottest dance venue with several bars and dance floors. Rock fanatics are never left out and so the Mayan offers a rocking dance party throughout the week.

Public demand and the need to make everyone feel at home in Las Vegas has made it inevitable for the owners to specialize in different origins in terms of nationality. For example, you find that there are Mexican, Irish, and English nightclubs and so on. This gives the sense of diversity and patrons get the idea of experimenting on foreign genres of music.

For the purpose of planning, budgeting and the kind of entertainment one is looking for, knowing where what to find in Los Angeles makes it easier to find. As pointed out earlier, clubs in this city come and go at an astonishing speed and not many of them stand the test of time. However, one thing has remained constant over the years and that is partying. There are always events coming up and there is always the insatiable need to have fun not to mention the million teens that turn eighteen every year. These reasons have made it necessary to come up with fresh and new ideas year in year out without fail.

Club Exchange

In a nutshell, you can categorize Los Angeles nightclubs into three categories according to the type of social setting. For one in search of very modest hipster parties the recommended sites include Downtown, Silver Lake and Echo Park. Here there pocket friendly facilities and economical commodities. Most mid level members of the public find their way to here to unwind after a long day at work.

There is the group that prefers institutions of higher learning as a favorite location to party. This has led to establishment of hotspots near colleges. Some of these spots include the area around University of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern California located right in the middle of Los Angeles.

Celebrities and citizens wishing for an upscale scene head to Hollywood. This where you will find world stars ranging from actors, musicians, directors top notch business people converged for series of nonstop merry making. In Hollywood, you will get real wild gay clubs and parties all week long throughout.

Overtime, the city of Los Angeles has gradually earned its place as the ideal party destination with many spots designed with the sole aim of client satisfaction. It is the only city where you can claim to be in the midst of everything. This is not only the place for the young but also for the liberated. Therefore, if you are a resident, or looking for a place to revel, LA should be among your top picks.