There are a lot of nightclubs in the City of New York. The clubs are furnished, well maintained and stylish. The nightclubs of NYC give you the best clubbing vibe that is full of fun and exciting gaming. The clubs of New York City are the best partying spots and the best places to hang up with friends.

Besides a lot of stylish clubs, lounges, and bars, a sports club known as Jay z NYC club popularly known as 40/40 is a gaming bar. The club is designed on a sporting theme. The wall prints and décor give you a gaming feel. The luxuriously designed Jay z NYC club with the color theme of caramel brown and gold is a perfect place for parties. The interior and exterior of the club are well furnished and stylish. The Jay z NYC club has a box styled sitting arrangement. There are also private rooms upstairs along with billiard tables. The Jay z club offers the best bottle services. The bottle menu includes liquor, alcohol, wines, champagne, flavorful juices, beer, vodka and much more. There are huge plasma TV’s, LED’s and LCD’s fixed in the walls of jay z NYC club. Hang with your friends and experience the best sports clubbing nightlife.

Moreover, most of the clubs in the New York City charges a cover fee. Well, a cover fee is the extra additional amount added to your bill that you pay for the entertainment and service. Cover charge is charged at nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in addition to the money you paid for the food and services you received there. Well, like most of the other clubs and partying spots, The Marquee Club also charges the cover fee. Usually, the Marquee NYC cover charge is $20 and up. The Marquee NYC cover charge varies depending on the night and the DJ. It’s better if you call for the exact pricing on the day of the event. The club only accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards at the entry. The Marquee NYC cover charge is a way to make the staff feel wanted and satisfied in providing you the ambiance and amazing services. It is a simple way to cover up the other expenses like DJ and promoters. And when you receive the best services and meet the most welcoming staff, the cover charge doesn’t cost you much. So, get in and enjoy services in the most chill atmosphere.

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